Security Gaps

Consolidating for better security at lower cost

Business challenge

The enterprise customer had multiple security vendors, a shortage of security staff, and gaps in security control.


Six Degrees Consulting provided an assessment of the enterprise’s security budget and practices and guided the company through the steps needed to improve security.

Six Degrees created an inventory of the customer’s many existing security products and their costs, paying close attention to capital and operating costs. SDC then identified a number of security gaps triggered by the customer’s rapid movement to the cloud. SDC also noted the many security products in use. (The need to manage so many products had brought about a staff shortage.) Working with this information, Six Degrees designed a solution based completely on Check Point technologies. The proposed solution corrected the security gaps and addressed security controls management.

Six Degrees Consulting helped the customer build an operating cost model. The model included ongoing support costs (total annual support cost of all security vendors) and capital costs (total acquisition cost of all security vendors) that were amortized over a five-year period. This portion of the model is described by the following equation:

AnnualCost  =  SupportCost  +  ⅕ CapitalCost (assume five-year useful life)

The cost of the proposed solution was less than the total cost of the multiple-vendor solution. This “one pane of glass” approach generated other savings as well. The cost of employee training and the number of full-time employees required to operate the security environment were both reduced. The single-vendor solution also decreased training complexity, resulting in an improved rate of deployment. The project ended on budget and ahead of schedule.

The solution included Check Point products and services: Next Generation Firewall (Identity Awareness, FW Monitor, IPS, Anti-Virus, Application Control, Anti-Bot, Threat Emulation, Threat Extraction), CloudGuard (for Amazon, G-Suite and VMware), and Endpoint security solutions (including Anti-Ransomware, SandBlast Agent, Anti-Exploit), Capsule Cloud and NextGen SmartEvent.

Solutions, services, and products applied

Public cloud security: Check Point
Endpoint security: Check Point
SDC: enterprise security, firewall migration, policy optimization, cost optimization, Check Point training, modeling of technical costs