Operationalizing Enterprise Security

Establishing policies to improve technology and protect the business

Business challenge

The client had an IT staff with no one filling technical leadership positions. The customer owned millions of dollars of un-implemented security assets yet had no one on staff to run them. Complex changes were needed, and it was essential that goals, priorities, and policies be established. The changes required included installation of hardware, activation of enterprise security subscriptions, and transition from a single perimeter firewall to perimeter, data center, field site and DR firewalls. Additionally, the client needed to develop written policies and convert them into technical controls.


Six Degrees Consulting worked with the client and third-party client resources to develop a detailed project plan, including solutions for some long-standing open issues.

A key need was to accelerate the pace of new technology installs without the risk of outages. This was solved by building a test-lab environment. Using this environment, we were able to work with multiple customer groups to develop workflows and processes for each new technology.

SDC trained the client’s employees on new technologies as they were deployed. They were then trained to use the test lab for upcoming projects. Test lab training included how to use our Six Degrees Consulting change management methodology, which has been successfully implemented by many customers.

Solutions, services, and products applied

Cloud security: Check Point – firewall upgrade and migration

SDC: enterprise security, policy optimization, custom training, test-lab development