Cloud Security

Comprehensive security for the public cloud

Cloud security includes the software, hardware and policies applied to assure data security for organizations that use public cloud infrastructure. Six Degrees Consulting employs its knowledge and many years of experience to ascertain the security and control you need. We also help you determine which public cloud service models are best for your organization.

Cloud service providers use a number of tools to prevent attacks and unauthorized access, such as multi-factor authentication, web-based tokens, and time-restricted access. Six Degrees Consulting’s expertise includes a thorough knowledge of these granular controls and how to best apply them. A key part of our expertise is the ability to identify gaps in the provider’s security offerings.

Cloud Security Illustration – Six Degrees Consulting

When we identify gaps and determine that an additional layer of security is needed, we partner with Check Point to provide its CloudGuardTM family of solutions. We’ve worked extensively with this Gen V security and threat prevention solution on all types of cloud platforms (PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS). We ensure a seamless installation, train your team, and establish the security policies you will need to best protect your information.

Six Degrees Consulting’s expertise with cloud security products and solutions ensures that your data has robust protection in the public cloud.

Services and solutions

  • Private IaaS (VMware, HyperV, KVM, NSX and ACI)
  • Public IaaS (Azure, Google, Amazon, Oracle, etc.)
  • SaaS (G-Suite, Office365, Dropbox, Salesforce. etc.)
  • Assessments, planning, migrations, and deployments

SDC expertise

  • Security optimization
  • Technical-costs optimization
  • Cloud deployment and optimization
  • Custom training

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