Email and Cloud Collaboration Security

Email security for the modern era

Supporting remote work is a monumental task for security professionals and requires that companies find and implement cloud-friendly solutions. These security solutions have to protect against phishing, malware, spam, and more, while keeping ahead of rapidly evolving methods of attack. The experts at Six Degrees Consulting recommend Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration (HEC). 

Employees work out of their inboxes all day from a variety of devices, many outside of the company’s firewalled network, making email the biggest entry point for threats. Harmony Email & Collaboration (formerly Avanan) is the only patented, API-based, cloud-native security solution. It can reduce the number of phishing attacks that reach the inbox by 99.2%. Its catch rate for unknown malware (98.3%) is significantly better than any other provider in the industry. The foundation of this product comprises more than 30 AI technologies, an architecture that includes the industry’s best phishing engine, and leading malware prevention engines that process 86 billion transactions per day. Six Degrees Consulting has found that when we install HEC we’re providing customers with the finest modern-era security available. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Embedded within cloud email as a layer
  • Last line of defense before inbox
  • Built on cloud APIs/AI

Provides Our Customers

  • Better security
  • Save more time
  • Deployment in 5 minutes

How is Harmony Email & Collaboration (HEC) different from others in the space?

  • HEC prevents while other APIs respond
  • Only true inline protection
  • No MX changes
  • Works with cloud provider’s security instead of replacing it
  • Full suite protection (SaaS)
  • Highest anti-phishing efficacy rate of all email security vendors

Threats grow more extensive and more sophisticated every day. Harmony Email & Collaboration’s AI/ML-engine is able to identify and eliminate the things that default security or existing layers miss. At SDC, we like to remember this critical point: Traditional API solutions allow an email to sit in the inbox 183 seconds before removal. However, users typically click on phishing links within 82 seconds. Harmony prevents the phishing link from ever reaching the inbox (or even the spam box). This pre-inbox filtering is critical. Harmony provides organizations with complete, full-suite protection that continuously adapts and evolves to counter ever-changing threats. It provides security administrators with an easy-to-deploy and manage platform for all major cloud based email and collaboration products.

Six Degrees Consulting’s expertise with this key cloud security product ensures your company has robust protection against phishing, malware, account takeover, and data leakage.