Randall Voorheis, Email Security Specialist

According to many leading studies, 80 percent of all security events start with a phishing email.

This is where Six Degrees Consulting comes to the rescue.

Leveraging partnerships with Check Point Software Technologies and Oracle, Six Degrees provides customers with cutting-edge solutions for enterprise security challenges surrounding applications and data centers. A strong network of vendors, partners, employees, and customers powers the company’s portfolio. Essentially, Six Degrees recommends solutions that enable customers to automatically prevent security events and provide complete visibility into the source of the incident. This combination of increased security and automation is immensely valuable for businesses with limited resources.

Six Degrees has been focusing on enterprise security for over 21 years. The recent rise in security challenges around safeguarding email represents one of the company’s largest customer base influxes. Enter Randall Voorheis, who joined Six Degrees in March of 2022 after the completion of the Check Point and Avanan acquisition. To address the rising threat of email-based attacks, Voorheis started a new group focused on email security, which has since achieved phenomenal success with new and existing clients.

Much of Six Degrees’ recent success was driven by Check Point’s acquisition of Avanan, Inc. Before the acquisition, Check Point and Six Degrees had partnered with Avanan because of their groundbreaking and patented inline API email security solution, which allowed users to safely shift from on-premises email to cloud and SaaS applications.

When the acquisition was completed in early 2022, Check Point could fully leverage its ThreatCloud AI and a portfolio of 85-plus solutions through a single security architecture dubbed ‘Infinity.’ The joint product created by the acquisition is Check Point’s Harmony Email & Collaboration (HEC) suite.

“We like the elegant nature of the phishing and malware protection the HEC tool offers and admire that it has the highest email security efficacy in the industry,” says Molly Rouch, president and co-founder of Six Degrees.

The HEC solution operates natively in a customer’s Google and Microsoft tenants. It is also the only email security API solution that stops spam, phishing, and malware missed by Microsoft/Google before it is delivered to the inbox. This high efficacy is driven by the many security engines that make up the Check Point ThreatCloud AI, which learns from events across an established customer base of over 100,000 enterprises, becoming a highly sought-after solution over the last year.

Among the many reasons for HEC’s success with Six Degrees’ customers, the top one is the suite’s easy-to-install nature and ability to rapidly deliver evidence of higher efficacy. HEC does not require MX or mail flow changes and can be configured in ‘detect only’ mode within six minutes. Over 14 days, the suite builds a detailed report of what a business’s existing email security is missing or misclassifying. Users can access the entire HEC interface and comprehensive toolkit during this time.

“We find that for businesses that choose our solution, most of the implementation work is completed within the two-week period; this is true for all customers, regardless of whether they have 50 users or over 100,000,” states Voorheis, email security sales at Six Degrees Consulting.

Driven by its problem-solving mindset and laser-like focus on delivering excellence, Six Degrees remains a market leader in email security and intends to continue driving value through innovative solutions and strong partnerships.

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