Enterprise Licensing

Faster is the road to less cost

Enterprise licensing might seem like a straightforward area—just purchase what you need—but it can be very complex. Software licensing costs are often based on the number of cores used in a server. If you plan your server purchase to allow for growth, you might need to purchase and activate a 24-core server now yet only use a portion of it. The potential costs might tempt you to hold on to your current equipment as a way to save, but there is a better way.

Newer, faster, more powerful equipment and a well-executed enterprise licensing program can consolidate your license pool and increase value, providing overall cost savings.

Use fewer cores

New servers take advantage of higher clock speeds and more powerful cores, leading to dramitic improvements. An old server might require 32 cores and associated licensing to process data. A new server might require just 12 cores to process the same data. That’s just 37.5% of the original core requirement and only 37.5% of the previous licensing costs.

Activate only what you need

Core activition allows you to purchase a system and activate additional cores as your business grows. That means you don’t have to purchase a fully loaded system up front.

You might buy a 24-core system yet only enable the 6 cores you currently need. As a result, starting off you would only pay a quarter of the annual licensing costs you might expect. The other cores wouldn’t incure licensing costs until they were activated. Your saving could partially or fully cover the cost of purchasing the new system. Comprehensive planning can reduce your licensing costs by half over the life of the system.

Save on maintenance

Software maintenance often comprises 22% of the licensing charge. By consolidating workloads onto powerful servers that use fewer cores, you lower annual maintenance costs for immediate savings. (With older SPARC systems, software license, administrative and maintenance costs continue to climb.)

At Six Degrees Consulting, we have detailed knowledge of available licensing programs and how to balance licensing requirements with equipment and financial needs. Most importantly, this is always coordinated with your long- and short-term business goals.

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