Our MemSQL Partnership

Powering modern applications and analytical systems with a cloud-native, massively scalable architecture

Six Degrees Consulting partners with MemSQL to provide databases that are highly capable of both speed and scalability. MemSQL is optimized to run on public cloud or on-premise, but its cloud capability makes it easy to adopt a cloud-native approach when working with operational data.

Our skills with a wide range of public and private cloud solutions and databases allows us to take full advantage of MemSQL’s scalable architecture, flexibility, and control. It can easily replace your existing databases to work with your current tools.

Global enterprises use the MemSQL distributed database to easily ingest, process, analyze, and act on data in order to thrive in today’s insight-driven economy. MemSQL is built for operational data at scale. And a leading solution to address the top digital transformation themes.

Fastest Event-to-Insight Performance
Deliver against the toughest service-level-agreements using distributed lock-free ingestion and real-time query processing.

Streaming Ingest
Eliminates costly data integration tools through built-in batch and real-time data pipelines.

Columnar Powered Analytics
Fast petabyte scale analytics with columnstore compression.

Compiled Queries
Repeat queries are compiled into low level machine code to deliver record breaking response for analytic queries.

Unbeatable Scale
Elastic scale-out architecture delivers consistent predictable response under high ingest and user concurrency.

Distributed SQL
Balance data and queries across a cluster of cloud instances or commodity hardware for maximum performance.

Resource Governer
Prevent unintended queries from consuming all available query execution memory in the cluster.

Memory Optimized
Ultra-low latency for scalable transactions and analytics.

Built for the Enterprise
Fault tolerant with military-grade security to support mission-critical applications and sensitive data environments.

Full Encyrption and RBAC
Efficiently manage simple or robust security configurations by user role and group while maintaining maximum performance.

Audit Trail
Database logging writes all activities to a secure external location to support information security tasks.

Strict Mode
Prevent permissive data access from rogue database administrators using strict security configuration control to protect against insider threats.